As your knowledge sharing initiatives are completed, please share the story of your initiative using the following template. Please write a few paragraphs for each topic in the template. Feel free to use an informal conversational style - this is not a donor report !

Your audience for your story are your CARE colleagues and other development professionals worldwide. Your story needs to be interesting and comprehensible to someone who has not worked in your sector. Your story should be a summary of what you did to create and share knowledge in your initiative, and we encourage you to add photograps and any other visual material. You can attach documents to provide more detail if you wish.

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(please copy this template for your own initiative and write you own story using it in this page. Just follow the secuence).

What is the name of your Initiative ?

What is the name and email address of the initiative leader? Please add a picture if you wish.

What is the learning objective (what you or your group planned to learn from your initiative ?

Who was involved in the initiative (who facilitiated, who participated) ?

What were the three or four main activities of your initiative ?

Knowledge Sharing involves creating, sharing and using knowledge. The following questions pertain to these steps. Your initiative may not have covered all three steps. Please answer the questions applicable to your initiative.

What knowledge did you create in your initiative, if any ?

What methods did you use to create this knowledge ?

Who did you share this knowledge with ?

What methods did you use to share this knowledge ?

Who used the knowledge you created or shared ?

How did they use this knowledge ?

What lessons about knowledge sharing did you learn from your initiative ?
ยท Case stories documentation and its dissemination is helpful and should become the part of knowledge building program

What future activities are you planning based on these lessons ?