Welcome to our Wiki Orientation


  • Discuss what a wiki is and things people do with wikis
  • Sign in and play with this wiki
  • Explore the four main things you need to know about this wiki
  • Discuss how you can use a wiki to document your project and share your knowledge
  • Great Wiki resources
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1) What is a wiki? A collaborative web site, allowing participation by users. See Help - About Us - for the creators of this wiki's comments on the how a wiki promotes community building. What are some examples of wiki use? Take the notes here:

2) Signing in & playing with this wiki
Signing in allows you to edit, adds your user name to the list on Manage Space main page, etc. versus viewing as a guest. Some wikis require sign in, some do not.
  • Sign in to wikispaces.com using the link at top right. (If you aren't already a wikispaces.com member, you'll need to sign up. Click Join at top right.)
  • Click "Join This Space" in the left-hand column.
  • Once you are a site member, experiment! Add your name here as a way to experiment editing with a page

3) Orientation
- basic wiki pages set up**
  • some information stays constant (lower left navigation pane; top left pane with links to Recent Changes, Manage Space, New Page; links across top right to Settings, Help, Sign Out)
  • some information changes depending on the page you're on (Page name top center, tabs for layers for that page -- discussion, history, notify me)

-Basic Use
--Reading - click one of the Topic Areas in the left hand navigation pane to see the content of the page and discussions about that page
--Contributing to an existing page
--Finding stuff/navigation/page history
--Recent Changes
Advanced Use
-- Starting a new page - click New Page in top left pane, type in the name of your page. Then add content and save.
Note: It's a good idea to offer a link from your new page back to a related or parent topic and vice versa, to help other users find your new content. To add a link from your new page to any other page on the Wiki, type the text for the link on your page (for example, Back to X or Y topic), highlight the text, and click on the "Add Link" tool bar button (it's the globe with chain links). Select the page you want to link to on the wiki from the drop down list, and voila! Follow the same process to link to your new page from a parent or related page.
--Example: Creating a new page and linking it from another page
-- Tip: There are 2 ways to view a list of pages on the wiki:
  • Click "Recent Changes" in the top left navigation pane for a view of recent edits, and view whatever notes the author offered about the purpose of the page or the reason for the change
  • Click "Manage Space" in the top left navigation pane and then the "List Pages" link to see a list of all pages on the site and how many hits per page.

-- Manage Space is fun to explore in:
  • List Pages
  • members by user name
  • Usage statistics by year or month -- including hits from the top 15 countries.

4) How might you use a wiki?

5) Great Wiki resources and examples
Here are a few I like - please add yours!
Wiki How-tos